Another Quarter Down – Almost

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Wrapping up another quarter of work towards my Economics undergraduate degree.  So here is a life update since I’ve been so quiet.Another quarter draws to a close.  One more final exam between me and a 2 week break.  As usually, when I’m neck deep in school work, I don’t much feel like writing.  But now that I can breathe a bit, the itch has returned.  Finishing Money and Banking was a big goal for me because I’ve learned a lot about the financial sector in that course, and I feel ready to start asking for informational interviews from people in the field and my targeted places of employment.  Next quarter I continue with more specialized courses – Public Policy Analysis and Law, Economics, & Policy.  The specialized courses are great because I am learning a lot of things that feel directly relevant to the work I hope to do after the Coast Guard.

Outside of classes, I find myself thinking a great deal of what the goals of our financial system are vs what they could be.  In particular, the balance between efficiency and equality.  I don’t have a lot of formal thoughts about this to share yet.  But I think it’s a discussion we should be having more than we are.  Overall, I’d like to see a bit more focus on equality at a time where income inequality is so large, and wealth is condensing at the top of the socioeconomic ladder.  I’ll put together a post on this later this week or next week.

As for the rest of life:  Work is slowly gearing up for the coming summer season.  To which I add my usually disclaimer – if you are a boater please make sure you have a functional radio, lifejackets for everyone on board, and all the recommended safety gear.  No one things a boating problem will happen to them until it does.  Also look into towing insurance if you don’t have it.  The insurance is pretty inexpensive, but towing companies charge very high prices to people without insurance.   I’m looking forward to the end of winter here in Michigan.  I miss seeing leaves on the trees and being able to walk outside without a winter coat on.  Hopefully those days are coming soon.  There won’t be any updates from me this weekend – I’ll be home in New Jersey visiting my husband and my friends.  I hope that March is brining a thaw to all of you.  Hopefully it will bring one here soon.

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