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I’ve neglected this site pretty badly recently – school and work have taken up a lot of my time.  However, she finally got an overhaul.The site’s overhaul is actually a proof-of-concept for another project I’m working on with some friends.  We’re getting ready to set up our first website and we found a beautiful theme, but it didn’t quite have the functionality we wanted.  I decided to give Pagelines DMS 2 a whirl since it had the same features we wanted, with even more functionality than the original theme we liked.  And the results are already speaking for themselves.

You’ll notice the page navigation has changed a lot.  The blog is no longer the landing page.  There is a static landing page now, and I’ll tweak it further in the days to come.  I’ll also be doing long overdue updates on my background and reading lists.  It’s a shame I can’t just get my Goodreads profile syncing to this site.  That is the most up-to-date reading list I have.  You’ll see a bigger variety of posts now too, since DMS supports a lot of different post formats.  Overall, I’m very impressed with DMS 2.  I’m a fan of minimalist color design, which is why the site is still white with black accents.  However, I should note that every surface is capable of supporting solid colors, images, and HTML5 video in the background.

As for life, we’re on to a new quarter in school.  Public Policy Analysis and Law, Economics, and Regulation are the two classes on the docket now.  I’m nearly finished with my program.  However, I won’t actually finish until next spring if I want the particular classes I’m interested in just based on their availability.  Ah well.  I’m definitely getting into more advanced topics and impostor syndrome is moving in.  I’ll be writing my first cost-benefit analysis paper, which will be very basic, as well as my first literature review.  This moves me out of my comfort zone, but that is how we grow personally and professionally.  Look for more posts in the future, with increased regularity.  Writing on my class work helps me learn and remember it better.  Hope you’re ready for the ride.

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