A Season of Flux – An Update

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There is so much going on this fall.  Where to start?  I know I owe you all quite an update.


I’m now in my final semester at Oregon State.  By the middle of December, I will hold a Bachelor of Science in Economics.  Now the question is where to go from there.  My exit date from the CG has changed, and I now have 4 years to further qualify myself for work as an economic research assistant/analyst.  I have the time and funds to do many things – a graduate degree, earning credentials in statistical software, trying to find some kind of work that will accommodate my unsteady, untraditional schedule with the Coast Guard.  But what to do first?  And for graduate school, I’m still questioning whether I should get a M.S. in Applied Economics, or a PhD.  My interests haven’t change – monetary policy, domestic economic regulation, and international economic regulation are my passion areas.


I am a month away from moving back home and transferring to Coast Guard Sector New York on Staten Island.  My duties will be the same, but I’ll be able to actually live in my house with my husband again!  Moving means another 4-year tour, so I added 30 months to my contract.  I will now leave the Coast Guard in November/December 2018.  I’m looking forward to being back in the NY/NJ area, and getting active in the economics scene there.  Detroit isn’t the place for that, and my schedule the last 5-6 months hasn’t been conducive for regular travel to Chicago.

Personal Life

Heading home and finishing my econ program means my personal life won’t just be video games and homework.  The holiday season will bring me the gift of getting involved more deeply with my web video hobby, especially with my friends in the space.  I’ve been away from the action since 2011, so I’m glad to go back.  I’ll be working on new software skills in this space since I’ll be shifting from Final Cut Studio to the Adobe CS family.  I’ve been unhappy with the new Final Cut for years, and the improvements made still don’t bring it back to what FCS2 has been for me.  I will continue to use FCS2 until I’m proficient enough with Adobe to make the jump.  Oh, and lets not forget being able to have a social life again now that I’ll live a realistic distance from my friends.  I’ve missed them over the past several years.  I can’t wait to see them.


Now that the visits back and forth between New Jersey and Michigan are coming to a close, I can actually focus on a couple legitimate trips over the next few years.  My parents want me to visit them in Florida, and I’m itching to take what I hope will be the first of many Trans-Atlantic trips sometime next year.  The exact destination is still up in the air.  Any recommendations are welcome.

I’ll try to give you all more attention in November, but with 4 classes, another Servicewide Exam, and a 600 mile move, I know I won’t be up to the regular writing I want.  I’m sorry to have neglected you these past months – work has been very demanding.

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