About Michelle


Hello.  My name is Michelle.  If you’ve found your way over from one of my other blogs, you probably already know this.  If not, now you do.  I’m a New Jersey native, formerly of Pennsauken and Mt. Laurel.  I am an enlisted member of the U.S. Coast Guard who is currently stationed in Detroit, Michigan as an Operations Specialist, Third Class.  I man radios and provide search and rescue communications and a live Coast Guard contact for mariners from just south of Aplena, MI to just west of Vermillion, OH.  My area of responsibility covers a large portion of the American side of Lake Huron, all American waters of the St. Clair River, Lake Saint Clair, and Detroit River, as well as a portion of the American waters of Lake Erie.   I am also a certified New Jersey Social Studies teacher, although given the cuts to public education over the last several years, you will probably not be surprised to hear that I no longer teach.  I have worked for Apple in New Jersey and Manhattan since then, and also spent a stint closer to home as an SAT tutor for Huntington Learning Center.

Education and Career Goals

My background is in world history and economics.  I am currently enrolled in Oregon State University in a Bachelor or Science program to go along with the Bachelor of Arts that I earned from The College of New Jersey in 2007.  My goal is to finish my degree with OSU in 2015.  By that time I also hope to be fluent in French, which I am currently learning the basics of using Rosetta Stone.  I will finish my contract with the Coast Guard shortly after I finish my degree and am hoping to work as a research assistant or analyst in New York or Philadelphia for a few years before pursuing graduate work in Economics.  I’ve moved around quite a bit in my Coast Guard career and I’m looking forward to returning home sometime soon.

Video Editing

I am also a video editor, though I usually edit as a hobby and do not see it as a career that I would be happy with.  In that capacity, I edited the first and only season of Issues: The Series, which was released online in 2009.  I have also served as assistant editor on Altostratus FilmsA Passing Afternoon, as well as the editor for the company’s 24-hour NYC Film Race submission: Happenstance.  Despite now living far from New York, I am working with my husband and some of our good friends on a new show that we hope to start shooting in the fall fo 2014.  I can’t release any details right now, but I’m excited for this project.