Academics: The Problem with Group Work

Group Work: Why I Don’t Believe In It

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Every motivated and/or introverted student has run into it.  You have been making great progress in a class when you right smack into the wall that is group work.  As a credentialed teacher, there is no other teaching strategy that I am so critical of, mainly because I was and am one of the students […]

Earning a Spot in a Graduate Program

Plans and Hopes: Earning a Ticket to Graduate Program

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Nothing worth doing is ever easy.  That’s the saying.  It’s particularly true when you work a job with variable hours, on a schedule that, while following a pattern, doesn’t leave you with a set “weekend” week to week that leaves your energy levels all over the map while trying to earn a college degree.  It’s […]

Weekend Project

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I decided to build my own gaming PC. The console cost about $640 but has the parts of a $900 to $1000 computer from a company like Alienware or iBuyPower! This is my first PC build ever. It was surprisingly easy with good tutorials from Lifehacker and NewEgg, and I’m pretty proud of myself.

The Rains Return

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A day after Metro Detroit was left underwater from near-record rainfall another line of storms prepares to move through. The thunder, lightening, and rain all stated about 5 minutes after this picture was taken.