Site Update

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I’ve neglected this site pretty badly recently – school and work have taken up a lot of my time.  However, she finally got an overhaul.

Inflation and Minimum Wage

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With my calculus and science classes finished, I have the time and energy to turn my focus back towards economics.  Some recent pieces on minimum wage in the New York Times opinion pages, as well as some other sites I frequent has me thinking about how inflation affects minimum wage and why a static minimum […]

Another Life Update

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I completely fell apart on publishing this fall.  September was pretty hard for me.  I was finishing up some challenging work matters and my husband was moving away for work.  In fact, he’ll be back for his first visit this upcoming weekend.  I can’t wait to see him.  But I’ve made big progress on my […]

On The Minimum Wage

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Some fast food workers here in Michigan are striking and protesting for a rise in wages.  They are demanding $15/hour.  I’ve been kind of shocked at the responses I get from my coworkers.  Shocked because it violates a central part of my professional beliefs: Economics is NOT a morality play.

Secret Weapon

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I’m pursuing a lot of ambitious goals.  It is entirely too easy to get off track with a goal that is long-term and still feels remote.  So I’ve investing in a secret weapon to help me.