Earning a Spot in a Graduate Program

Plans and Hopes: Earning a Ticket to Graduate Program

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Nothing worth doing is ever easy.  That’s the saying.  It’s particularly true when you work a job with variable hours, on a schedule that, while following a pattern, doesn’t leave you with a set “weekend” week to week that leaves your energy levels all over the map while trying to earn a college degree.  It’s […]

Inflation and Minimum Wage

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With my calculus and science classes finished, I have the time and energy to turn my focus back towards economics.  Some recent pieces on minimum wage in the New York Times opinion pages, as well as some other sites I frequent has me thinking about how inflation affects minimum wage and why a static minimum […]

On The Minimum Wage

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Some fast food workers here in Michigan are striking and protesting for a rise in wages.  They are demanding $15/hour.  I’ve been kind of shocked at the responses I get from my coworkers.  Shocked because it violates a central part of my professional beliefs: Economics is NOT a morality play.

OMG! QE3 will raise gas prices!!

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Well, my Principles of Macro class at OSU has started and our first discussion is on a news story about macro that catches our eye.  I went for what I wrote about on Tuesday: Finland and the Eurozone.  A classmate went for ZeroHedge’s story that supply limitations and QE3 are going to artificially spike the […]

Finland and the Eurozone

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Good read in the Economist now about why Finland is suffering from “rescue fatigue.”  Finnish objection to eurozone bailouts isn’t as famous as Germany’s and there isn’t a lot of explanation out there as to precisely why the oppose bailouts, joint bond issues, and some other measures.

Question for the Fed

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The biggest question I have for the Fed is this:  For a dual-mandate institution, how can you justifiably obsess over one of your mandates while ignoring the other, despite it being far too high?  The Fed seems obsessed with 2% inflation, despite also being responsible for keeping a lid on unemployment.  And the Fed admits […]