Academics: The Problem with Group Work

Group Work: Why I Don’t Believe In It

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Every motivated and/or introverted student has run into it.  You have been making great progress in a class when you right smack into the wall that is group work.  As a credentialed teacher, there is no other teaching strategy that I am so critical of, mainly because I was and am one of the students […]

Earning a Spot in a Graduate Program

Plans and Hopes: Earning a Ticket to Graduate Program

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Nothing worth doing is ever easy.  That’s the saying.  It’s particularly true when you work a job with variable hours, on a schedule that, while following a pattern, doesn’t leave you with a set “weekend” week to week that leaves your energy levels all over the map while trying to earn a college degree.  It’s […]

On Affordable Academic Development

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I am remaking myself for a new field – economics.  It’s a rather technical one and my history degree doesn’t quiet leave me equipped for it.  So I’m finding I need to do a lot of academic prep.  I’m exploring a few ways I’ve found to make it more affordable.  It’s a long read but […]