Finland and the Eurozone

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Good read in the Economist now about why Finland is suffering from “rescue fatigue.”  Finnish objection to eurozone bailouts isn’t as famous as Germany’s and there isn’t a lot of explanation out there as to precisely why the oppose bailouts, joint bond issues, and some other measures.

Revisiting the Euro Mess

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Gasp!  Yes, a real post!  Over the last several months I have kept up with my reading about the international economic and its goings on, but finding time to write was not so easy.  Of course what’s domination the news now is the same as it was when I took my break – the eurozone.

Relentless Downward Spiral

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I figure that you all are intelligent people and have realized that my schedule at training doesn’t allow me to write as often as I could at my station.  Still, I saw some news this week that gave me pause: that S&P had downgraded the EFSF emergency fund (Reuters).  Now, I understand the cold logic behind […]

Sadly, It Appears I May Be Right

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Alternatively titled: Investors are a Superstitious, Cowardly Lot.  Skittishness over Spain and Italy, coupled with the U.S. downgrade to AA+ Friday afternoon hit the markets today, leaving the Dow down 5.5% and threatening to make the Eurozone a house of cards.