Earning a Spot in a Graduate Program

Plans and Hopes: Earning a Ticket to Graduate Program

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Nothing worth doing is ever easy.  That’s the saying.  It’s particularly true when you work a job with variable hours, on a schedule that, while following a pattern, doesn’t leave you with a set “weekend” week to week that leaves your energy levels all over the map while trying to earn a college degree.  It’s […]

Wonderful Serendipity

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In the last week I’ve completely retaken the direction I’m taking my economics degree.  Graduate will take an extra year (on part-time) and all my electives have changed since I dropped my Law, Econ. and Policy option.  Why did I do it?  Read on to find out.  Hint: if your familiar with some of my […]

A New Direction

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After several years of trying to get my feet under me in a difficult job market, I’ve found steady employment in a place no one expected: the United States Coast Guard. More info. on my decision after the jump.

Steps Back and Forward

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The day before Thanksgiving I had to take a step back in my plans.  That was the day I received my letter stating that I was not accepted to American University for January 2011.  While I knew that my odds were 50/50 at the best, it was still a big disappointment for me, since I’ve […]

Waiting Game

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The month has been a quiet one.  I did a bit of research and found out not to expect a decision about American University and the School of International Service until mid-November.  Which means that now that we’re getting to mid-November I’m nervously watching my email and physical mail for word of whether I get […]

Still Runnin’…

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Nothing worth doing is ever easy. We’ve all heard the phrase a million times.  And we all know it from personal experience.  It often becomes our mantra when life throws us curveballs and just generally makes things difficult for us as we pursue our goals.  That’s part of why this blog’s name is what it […]

Why I Stay Ahead of My Classes

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The semester has started off well.  My statistics class is active every day, but I can stay a bit ahead of the game by doing reading and taking notes ahead of when they are assigned.  And our online discussion area let’s us save our posts as drafts, so I’ve been able to start writing them […]

Here We Go!

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Yesterday I got everything set up to take some courses at RVCC as part of my grad. school/Foreign Service preparation. It’s going to be a busy semester!