New Home

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Sorry to anyone who tried visiting my site yesterday or early this morning.  My host, Little Oak, suffered a large-scale DoS attack from China that disabled their domain name servers.  They worked quite hard and got things back up online this morning.  They also kept in touch with all of their customers through our admin […]

New Base

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Well, the last several months have been hectic as can be.  I told you all that I had gotten orders to Detroit.  If you follow my Twitter account, you’ll see that we arrived in the Detroit Metro area yesterday.  And we’re still not out of the woods yet.  Next up: find a place to live.

Hurricane Interruption

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My regularly schedule entries during my off time won’t be happening this weekend due to Hurricane Irene.  My command allowed me to come home the same time as the rest of my section  yesterday due to the approaching hurricane, so that I could make sure everything at home was safe.  

Rainy Day Thoughts

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Well, we finally made it to another weekend.  Even though my last weekend off was only 2 weeks ago, it feels much longer.  That is mainly because days as the newest watch standing non-rate at my station are very long ones.  Long as in, your only time off is the six hours you get to […]

Life After Basic

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Well, it has been a little over a week since I graduated from Coast Guard Basic Training as part of Xray-184.  While a post or series of posts describing that experience is on the way, it’s not quite ready yet.  The week after basic was very busy and eventful.  Despite getting plenty of sleep for […]

Day 7: Clouds

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We’ve made it through the first week!  Only 51 more to go!  Well, today was Chloe’s birthday party.  Lots of adorable young children present.  I’ve learned that I can become tired just from watching toddlers play.  I was dozing off in the car when we went home.  Now that Chloe is 2, she’s developing a […]