OMG! QE3 will raise gas prices!!

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Well, my Principles of Macro class at OSU has started and our first discussion is on a news story about macro that catches our eye.  I went for what I wrote about on Tuesday: Finland and the Eurozone.  A classmate went for ZeroHedge’s story that supply limitations and QE3 are going to artificially spike the […]

Another Quick Thought on Jobs

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Work is leaving me a tired, weary person on my days off, but after playing around on the FRED app (yes, I am that big of a geek), I found a graph that I knew I could do a quick yet coherent post on, even in my present, very near exhausted, state.  It’s the issue […]

Relentless Downward Spiral

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I figure that you all are intelligent people and have realized that my schedule at training doesn’t allow me to write as often as I could at my station.  Still, I saw some news this week that gave me pause: that S&P had downgraded the EFSF emergency fund (Reuters).  Now, I understand the cold logic behind […]


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Well, I’ve thought things over and have decided to go after Spring 2011 admission at a few more schools.  I can apply to a total of 4 more schools in the Spring semester in addition to American University – NYU, Rutgers U., Seton Hall, and City College of NY.  The rest of them will remain […]

Why I Stay Ahead of My Classes

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The semester has started off well.  My statistics class is active every day, but I can stay a bit ahead of the game by doing reading and taking notes ahead of when they are assigned.  And our online discussion area let’s us save our posts as drafts, so I’ve been able to start writing them […]