Another Life Update

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I completely fell apart on publishing this fall.  September was pretty hard for me.  I was finishing up some challenging work matters and my husband was moving away for work.  In fact, he’ll be back for his first visit this upcoming weekend.  I can’t wait to see him.  But I’ve made big progress on my […]

New Base

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Well, the last several months have been hectic as can be.  I told you all that I had gotten orders to Detroit.  If you follow my Twitter account, you’ll see that we arrived in the Detroit Metro area yesterday.  And we’re still not out of the woods yet.  Next up: find a place to live.


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My, what a week!  And we’re only 2 days into it!  I’ve received 2 big pieces of news this week and I decided to share them with the world. Next Assignment On the work front, we received tentative words on our assignments after A-School.  Today we got our official blanket orders – the orders that […]

Hurricane Interruption

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My regularly schedule entries during my off time won’t be happening this weekend due to Hurricane Irene.  My command allowed me to come home the same time as the rest of my section  yesterday due to the approaching hurricane, so that I could make sure everything at home was safe.  

Exploring My New Home

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I’ve been getting used to the rhythm of life here at my station in Newport.  I’d say I’m settling in, but I’m still living at the station while I wait for my housing stuff to go through, so there’s still some time before I truly settle in.  I did get a chance to explore a […]

Surviving USCG Basic Training: Required Knowledge

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While I’m sure this isn’t the first thing most people would ask about related to basic training, it is a huge part of making your 8 week stay in Cape May a bit more bearable.  Required knowledge is exactly what it sounds like: the things you absolutely MUST learn during basic.  The sooner you know […]

Life After Basic

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Well, it has been a little over a week since I graduated from Coast Guard Basic Training as part of Xray-184.  While a post or series of posts describing that experience is on the way, it’s not quite ready yet.  The week after basic was very busy and eventful.  Despite getting plenty of sleep for […]

It Begins

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Well, by now I’ll be in Cape May getting yelled at by Company Commanders as we start our processing week at Basic Training.  I got some stuffed pack for the move afterwards, and will finish packing during my 5 days of liberty.  Eric will take care of the rest.  Eric and I also got our […]